Dear Friends,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the 3LYON Group.

3LYON was conceived with the idea of creating a group which would, over time consist of companies that collectively, would be able to provide products and services from cradle to grave. Ultimately, this will mean that we can look forward to being a partner of the consumer throughout his or her life.

Our emphasis would be on Non-Banking Financing, Real Estate, High Growth Industries, Commodities, Supply Chain and Gig economy styled businesses. Here, I would like to emphasise that we set out to be an Investment Holding Company which will acquire and nurture businesses that will not only create wealth but would contribute to the community as well. Hence, we will also invest into companies that will contribute to addressing climate change challenges to do our bit for mother earth. We will also look to acquire and invest in companies that we feel will have high potential growth with technology and capitalisation. We will invest in companies that will relieve the need and pain points of the consumer.

My wish is for 3LYON to harness the best of talent and technology to propel us to achieve all that we set out to do. This will be an organisation that will be driven not only by profit, performance and innovation but compassion as well. We must be an organisation that investors seek out to put their funds in, employees love to be with and all stakeholders benefit from.

We look to our stakeholders past, present and future to grow with us in building a legacy that will reward everyone.

God bless all of us.




Datuk Wira Ranjeet S Sidhu